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So you have an idea. What is the next thing you do?
Easy: You look for a pen and paper, nothing gets between you and your idea 🙂
Obviously, the possibilities are endless: Think note-taking, drawing, education. Think collaboration and communication. Think signature and document workflows. Think healthcare and diagnostics. Think productivity and ideation. And why not play music with ink?
What will handwriting be once you take it digital? Show us. Apply for the Wacom Inkathon now!

We set up three challenges to crack on three platforms: Windows, Android and Wacom smartpads.

The Future of Collaboration

Challenge: Nothing makes people more productive and creative than a joint whiteboard session. But what if people are working on remote locations? And thinking outside the business world – who else could be connected through a digital whiteboard?

Technology: This challenge is for real pioneers. It let’s you get your hands at the Beta version of the brand new WILL SDK for collaboration for Windows UWP. Be among the first developers ever to build an application with it!

Documentation: Sorry, you need to register for this challenge to receive more information about the WILL SDK for collaboration.

Think Ink Android

Challenge: Build a digital ink smartphone app for Android using one of three WILL SDKs. Or all of them. Now it’s your turn: Think up a new handwriting app. Build an app that leverages biometrical handwritten signatures. Or invent an application that uses form-filling in ways nobody ever thought about. Go for it!

Technology: WILL SDK for ink, WILL SDK for signature, WILL SDK for documents.

Documentation: Download the SDKs on developer.wacom.com and read the documentation on developer-docs.wacom.com.

Bridging Paper and Digital 

Challenge: Our hardware connects paper with the internet. And we want you to develop an app for that. Be warned: You’ll need to be able to integrate two SDKs, so this is no job for noobs. But even if you fail: You can keep the hardware. Because you tried.

Technology: Bamboo Smartpad (notetaking hardware), Wacom Clipboard (form filling hardware), WILL SDK for devices, WILL SDK for ink, WILL SDK for forms, WILL SDK for signature.

Documentation: Download the SDKs on developer.wacom.com and read the documentation on developer-docs.wacom.com.

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