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Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co – פישר בכר חן וול אוריון ושות, in collaboration with Tech&Law is proud to host Israel Legal Hackathon for the 2nd consecutive year, as part of the Global Legal Hackathon, the largest legal technology innovation event in history, bringing together the legal industry with tech and innovation across 6 continents, reaching over 22 countries, 40 cities & 5,000 participants, with one purpose: rapid development of solutions for improving the legal industry world-wide.

Legal Professionals, Software Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Project Managers, Marketing & Business Development, Start-up entrepreneurs, Students and all legal technology enthusiasts are invited.

Hacking streams:

Private Benefit: The Business & Practice of Law

Public Benefit: Good government, Legal Systems & A2J (Access to Justice)

פברואר 21 2019


התחלה: 21 בפברואר @ 9:00 am
סיום: 22 בפברואר @ 12:00 pm
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