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GoodDollar’s Hackinequality March 2019 – the first hackathon for reducing global wealth inequality using decentralised technology.

The 26 richest people on the planet own as much, in terms of assets, as the 3.8 billion people that comprise the poorest half of the globe’s population, according to research presented by Oxfam in January 2019. How can blockchain technology, digital identity and advanced economic models be used to tackle global wealth inequality, one of today’s biggest problems?

Topic suggestions for projects:

Digital identity solutions – identity as a goal

Social impact – promote social causes and fairness

Social identity for UBI – build a distributed identity system without a central database, to prevent users from opening multiple accounts per user, while maintaining privacy, efficiency, accessibility and decentralisation

Social interest (economy) – how to design a sustainable token economy of a UBI-based currency using smart contracts
Direct giving – design an efficient donation system for transferring money to those in need

Decentralised governance – design a community-led system, whose economy and rules are managed decentrally by smart contract code on the blockchain

מרץ 14 2019


התחלה: 14 במרץ @ 6:00 pm
סיום: 15 במרץ @ 1:30 pm
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ששת הימים 30
בני ברק, Israel

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