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On July 29th @ 13:00, Hackathon event in Tel Aviv @ 1947 TLV Event House. The event is funded by Foresting HQ from South Korea and Singapore. Total prize money will be $5000 USD. The amount of participants is limited and free to attend.

ARE YOU A BLOCKCHAIN Developer? We are hiring. Bring your CV and you could walk away with a JOB.

Track 1

13:00 Drinks – meet and greet
14:00 Hackathon 1 : Introduction + Team arrangment
15:00 Hackathon 2 : Brain storming session
16:00 Hackathon 3 : Story board and UI design.
17:00 Hackathon 4 : Wallet/MetaMask – PTON Credits
18:00 Hackathon 5 : Coding App
19:00 Hackathon 6 : Coding / Testing and Presentation.
20:00 Prizes presentation
21:00 Networking

Track 2

Job Interview will be schedules through out the day.

Task: Develop a Dapp based on the PTON Economy smart contract

-. People or teams with experience/planning to develop Dapp
-. People or team who are running or planning business based on Blockchains and Cryptography
-. Who can develop based on ERC20

Please consider you have to *build* or *join* a team before Hackathon, and make sure your team follows the rules

יולי 29 2018


תאריך: 29 ביולי, 2018
זמן: 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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