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The SISE DMBI annual conference will be preceded by a Data Hackathon for leveraging the utilization of advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms and techniques for solving real world challenges.
The hackathon is planned to be a 30-hours event where data enthusiastic programmers, designers and  researchers combine their skills to build innovative solutions for real world problems aiming at empowering our society.

The hackathon will include practical tutorials from senior data-scientists from various fields.

The Data Hackathon will include challenges related to the following domains:

  1. Recommendation Systems – Click Through Rate (CTR) Prediction
  2. Forecasting electricity consumption for Sdom site
  3. Cyber Security – Device fingerprinting
  4. Special Creative Challenge: ACC – Predicting Cryptocurrency Behavior
מאי 16 2019


התחלה: 16 במאי @ 9:00 am
סיום: 17 במאי @ 1:00 pm
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