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Musicians > Developers > Programmers > Designers > Music-industry Professionals > Entrepreneurs –
you are all in the right place!
We are happy to invite you to our amazing one of a kind music hackathon.

In Music Hackathons you can make Hacks that involves music / about music or can appeal to musicians and music lovers. It can be either a new concept for a performance or collaborative interactive experience building an instrument / it can be a product that helps musicians or directed at the music industry or an interactive experience that could be an interesting format to present music in a different way. Hackathons in general are pretty welcoming to new participants – a musician & artists for example – who has no technical background can team up with participants who do have one or can use the time to learn something new and use existing technologies that they don't know to enhance a performance or create an interesting Experimental musical object.

Brainstorm new formats & designs, create crowd-engagement concepts for live performances or develop new ideas to play & interact with music – anything that changes the experience of playing music belongs to this category.
Use technology to drive your inspiration and make some noise – data sonification / controllerism / sensors & music visualization – this category is as free as only art can be – take your art to the next-tech-level.
Create industry-changing prototypes – invent a new business venture that helps musicians grow and prosper / develop a new tool or service made for musicians or music lovers / come up with a new idea to re-invent the music industry / reconnect with talents and audiences – here we try to make music an even better business.

This event is a collaboration between the Tel-Aviv Music Technology group (TMT), Wedea (innovation center at COMAS) & Advantage Austria who are developing innovation and startups connections between Austria and Israel – and is an opportunity to meet Startups, creatives & music professionals from Austria who already pre-applied to join this hack.

Apply here:

ספטמבר 04 2017


התחלה: 4 בספטמבר, 2017 @ 10:00 am
סיום: 5 בספטמבר, 2017 @ 1:00 pm
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